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Our products

Our products are at the disposal of our guests for tasting and, if desired, for sale. They include first of all olive oil but also fruit, vegetables and home made preserves.

Olive Oil and its characteristics

Our extra-virgin olive oil comes from our olive grove, registered with the 'Aprutino Pescarese' DOP (denomination of protected origin) and managed according to organic agriculture principles. The whole production of the farm is organic, certified by ‘Suolo e Salute’, a member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).Olive tree varieties include mainly the “Dritta”, a local cultivar, plus a 20 percent of Leccino and limited number of pollinators of other varieties.

Cultivation methods are traditional and follow closely the instructions of the DOP, in order to obtain the typical fruity taste. The distribution on the terrain of the different varieties is dictated by resistance to cold as, for instance ‘Leccino’ is more resistant to low temperatures whereas the ‘Dritta’ trees need a more protected environment. On the other hand the relatively cold climate of the winter months prevents the development of parasites and facilitates the adoption of organic agriculture without use of pesticides.
We limit ourselves to organic manuring and pruning.

Harvest is manual and takes place before full ripening usually during the second half of October. The olives harvested are then transported daily to the cooperative mill of which we are member.

Pressing of the olives takes place exclusively through mechanical means, in a continuous cyclein a closed system to maximize hygiene and avoid oxidation. Both pressing and packaging are done at the cooperative under our personal supervision. The result is a fruity oil with almonds and herbal scent and taste. The aftertaste is bitter and slightly pungent. This oil is rich in antioxidants, has a very low acidity and the low number of peroxides ensure a high level of preservation of the original product qualities. Finally the high number of polyfenols act as antioxidants and highlight the taste.